2014/2015 School Year!                   Welcome Back Friends!
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Welcome to HB Homeschool Enrichment Campus @ Huntington Beach Baptist Church!

Our homeschool enrichment campus is here for your learning pleasure, in beautiful Huntington Beach!  We specialize in amazing core and enrichment classes, workshops, and clubs for kids
of all ages!  A lot of time and research is put into bringing in some of the most interesting, unique, fun, educational, hands-on core and enrichment courses out there to one location for our kids!

At this time, we cater to homeschooling families with kids in preschool - high school.  The classes are optional drop-off, after your child has been signed in.  

We also offer Wi-Fi use for all of our parents waiting for their kids in classes.  We will have a set room with tables and chairs for parents to come in, drop-off their kids, bring their laptops, I pads and work while their kids are in classes!

MR. TED BROWNE - Our Science-2-U Teacher
August 18, 1963 - August 23, 2014

I am very happy to welcome us all back to Huntington Beach Baptist Church for our homeschool classes this year, but at the same time very sad that we will be doing this without our beloved Science-2-u instructor, Mr. Ted Browne.  Mr. Browne was with us at HB Homeschool Enrichment Campus all of last year, and was a teacher at many other homeschool centers for many years. My own children and I had the pleasure of being in class with him for three years in a row.  We will never forget his presence, his knowledge, his patience, his kindness, and his fun and energetic personality.  He was so loved by all of his students, and all of us parents that sat in the classroom with him.  He will be forever missed.  Mr. Ted Browne is survived by his wife, and his two children.  A fund has been set-up for the family, I will post the link as soon as I am notified of it.  The owner of Science-2-U will be taking over all of Mr. B's classes at our location. 

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I am pleased to announce that we now have our own LITTLE TOTS LEARNING PROGRAM!  Our program caters to children 3 - 5 years old and is on Mondays and Fridays from 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.  For more details please see: http://www.meetup.com/Awesome-OC-homeschoolers-HBHEC-Meetup/events/189106482/

Also Please Join Us for our 2-Day a week Kinder-6th Grade Core Program!  What the CORE PROGRAM consists of is an amazing "drop-off" Language Arts & Mathematics program.  The program runs from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays.  Registration and class details are at: http://dolhomeschoolcenter.com/core-program/

To the families and companies that have helped us this year, thank you!!!

Kelly Minkler - Homeschooling Mom - Thank you Kelly!!
The Van Tassel Family - Homeschooling Family, Thank you for everything!
Ken's Automotive - Homeschooling Family, Thank you for your contributions Jen & Kenny!!
World of Earth (Harvey Bag Retailer) 5 Points Shopping Center  - Thank you Auntie for your donations!
Science-2-U www.science2u.com -  Thank you for your support with all our events Jill!!
Huntington Beach Baptist Church www.hbbc4christ.org - Thank you for all you do!

Campus/Registration Fee

There is a quarterly campus fee of $15 per family that is due on the first day of each new quarter.  This fee helps pay for the costs to maintain our homeschool enrichment campus.  This fee cannot be paid with charter funds, it is payable in cash, credit card, debit card, check or Paypal format before or on the day the new classes begin each quarter. You will be given a receipt and this fee can be used as an educational tax write off for your family.